Why Be Independent

Why be Independent

The lure of independence: More money, more flexibility, be your own boss.

Being an Entrepreneur, Independent Contractor, Independent Consultant, Independent Professional, Self Employed, Sole Practitioner, Freelancer, or 1099er is part of the American dream. Entrepreneurship is also a driving force of economic development. It will continue to be the fastest road to new independent wealth in America in the next decade.

The realities of today’s economic environment can be the opportunity of a lifetime to control and succeed at what you do best. With the back office support of iamindependent (IAI), you can get all the benefits and services of a W-2 employee, with the flexibility of still being your own boss.

Call your own shots: You may already know the distinct and lucrative advantages of being independent:

  • More money
  • More time
  • Choice of exciting and challenging work assignments
  • Attaining additional skill sets, and
  • Enhanced lifestyle

As an independent professional the following time and money eating burdens are assumed by IAI so you can focus on what you do best:

  • Researching Business Requirements & Regulations
  • Looking for Medical and Retirement Benefits
  • Being IRS compliant
  • Chasing contracts
  • Invoice and Collections Management
  • Unpredictable professional costs for accountants and lawyers
  • Tracking and getting paid for Business Expenses
  • Legal Contract and Liability Analysis
  • Federal, State and Local Requirements

To learn more, contact us:
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Why Be Independent