For Independent Recruiters

By partnering with (IAI), recruiters can continue placing clients in positions without any having to deal with staffing agencies or back office headaches. Normally, recruiters for staffing agencies have to share the fees with their parent agency and don’t get to retain their clients for future positions. Furthermore, staffing agencies normally charge a huge fee to the consultant which can deter consultants from joining the agency. Also, many recruiters don’t have time to handle many of the responsibilities that staffing agencies handle such as pay roll and invoicing, providing liability insurances, and acting as employer of record. These activities can be costly and can take up lots of the recruiter’s time. However IAI handles all of those responsibilities at no cost the recruiter. We even pay the recruiter a placement fee whenever he places a consultant through IAI.

Benefits for the Recruiter

  • No profit sharing with staffing agencies.
  • Retain your clients - You will be able to retain the ability to place the clients again. IAI does not place clients in positions.
  • No pay roll or invoicing work required - All of the ‘back office’ work for the consultant will be provided by and is included in our membership fee paid by the consultant
  • More time to place independent consultants resulting in more income for the recruiter.
  • Higher value consultants – Our consultants are W-2 employees of IAI. We enter into a corp-to-corp agreement with the company. There is no risk of employee misclassification by the IRS which can be very costly. We also provide all of our consultants with professional insurances protecting them from the unforeseeable.

Benefits for the Businesses

  • Hire consultants without any worry – Our consultants are protected under our full umbrella of coverage. No risk of misclassification and over $1 million+ of liability coverage.
  • IAI provides pay roll and invoicing services.

Benefits for the Consultant

  • Invoicing & Collection
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Payrolling and Direct Deposit
  • Immediate reimbursement on business expenses
  • Retirement plan 401(k)
  • Professional Insurances – Errors and Omissions (E&O) and Liability insurances
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Employer of Record

Recruiting through IAI is the most profitable and effective way of placing talent in today’s fast pace environment. Don’t allow staffing agencies to dictate the terms any longer. With a combined 70 years of legal and accounting experience, IAI is the industry leader in 1099 Compliance Solutions. Become an independent recruiter and partner with IAI today!