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iamindependentSM (IAI) provides 1099 Compliance Solutions to ensure correct classification of your workers and eases Workforce Management.

If an audit uncovers misclassification of your independent contractors/contingent workers/1099ers, your company will be required to reclassify them. You may face serious consequences that include additional taxes, penalties, retroactive benefits and litigation costs.

To see the questions the IRS asks when determining the classification of your employees, click here. 

What IAI can do for you:

IAI uses its independent (1099) Compliance Solutions to mitigate these concerns before they become an issue. Through IAI’s team of legal and accounting experts we offer the following services:

  • Eliminate Co-employment Risk
    IAI becomes the W-2 compliant employer of record, allowing you to utilize workers who you designate directly or source as independent contractors who do not meet governmental classification requirements.
  • Consolidated Billing Services 
    IAI facilitates all on-boarding activities and collects time worked, expense, and billing records. We consolidate invoices for your contingent workforce and submit payment to all engaged employees.

Why IAI?

With a combined 70 years of legal and accounting experience, IAI is the industry leader in 1099 Compliance Solutions. At IAI we are familiar with the complexity of worker reclassifications, and have maximized its advantages for you. We offer staffing companies, human resource executives, companies and government entities our customized business processes that benefits you and your entire contingent labor population. Your company will have a responsive IAI professional available to talk with you, your clients, and/or your workers.

With IAI you get:

  • Single-source accountability
  • A dedicated team of compliance experts
  • Elimination of the legal risk of misclassification
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Tools to attract and retain talent
  • Increase in your bottom line

To learn more about risk reduction, administrative ease, and revenue enhancement contact us today.

For Businesseses hiring independent contractors