GoToMeeting - Host Your Own Meeting Online.

As an independent consultant, keeping up with all of your different clients' needs and demands can be difficult. It can be hard to schedule a conference due to everyone’s hectic work schedules nowadays, and your clients may even be in different countries which can make the phone bills add up. Once you're on the phone sharing materials and ideas can be difficult especially if you're working on something more complicated than a PowerPoint presentation. Running through a balance sheet or describing business forecasts can especially become hectic because you are required to infer information from different sources. Thankfully, GoToMeeting, an easy to use online conferencing tool solved all of our conferencing problems with it’s full suite of features. 

GoToMeeting is an invaluable tool for any independent consultant. You start off by inviting your group members to a meeting via email. They go to the site, download the software, input the meeting code, and they're all set to go. GoToMeeting even syncs with your calendar applications reminding you of any upcoming scheduled meetings. 

Once you're in the meeting the host has the ability to share his screen with all of the other members in the meeting. There are multiple options of what is visible to the members of the group, such as the ability to hide icons, browser windows, or any other private information. As you can probably already see, this allows you to bring up all of your work and show group members exactly what you are talking about instead of describing it to them over the phone. What we found to be the most useful feature of GoToMeeting was the ability to allow other people involved in the meeting to become the host and share their screen. This allows other people in the meeting to share their ideas or ask questions on specific parts of your presentation. 

GoToMeeting is currently running a promotion allowing anyone to try their product for a month for free. Any independent consultant should add GoToMeeting to their tool belt in order to make their presentations more accessible and effective. 


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